You have only one life, and it is up to you to make it extraordinary

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Some people seem to move from success to success, while others are stuck in a loop of pain, sadness and distress. Some people also have a rich and vibrant faith that is taking them places, while others believe the same things but struggle with their beliefs and keep trying to reconcile them with their lives. These two sets of people exist everywhere and are like this because of the choices they have made.

The fact is no map will take you where God wants to lead you. Yet there are plenty of clues out there for living the significant and meaningful life that Jesus talked about. Your understanding of who you are and how God sees you is worth all the time and energy you’ll put into the task. The trick to finding the real you is to figure out what is right after all the distractions, misstatements, and misunderstandings have been eliminated.


Your relationships play a big role too. Some people are easy to connect with. If you want to achieve great things, find a couple of these people to do life with. Also, find a couple of difficult people to engage with love. Don’t make them projects; make them friends.


While no efforts will be more important than loving God and the people around you, your ambitions can be much broader, more expansive, and more varied than this. Achieving your ambitions isn’t going to come easy, and it won’t be cheap. Don’t bail out, but remember the reason why you started.


Whether you are confused over your life’s choices, are already on the path to success, or are simply looking for ways to enrich your life, this summary is perfect for you. Keep reading to find out how you can dream big and bring those big dreams to reality.


#This article is inspired from the book : Dream Big

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