The Blessing of Being Wrong

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People hate being wrong. When someone indicates errors in our beliefs or ways of thinking, many of us will react in anger. We can easily see when someone else is wrong, but we don’t want to admit that we are not always right. We fearlessly defend what we believe in. Psychology calls our unwillingness to change our views “totalitarian ego.”

Over time, we develop such a strong attachment to our beliefs that we don’t want to let them go. Here I distinguishes between two types of harmful attachments. The first one describes our affection for the past. We should learn to detach our present selves from the older versions. If we do so, we can avoid depression. We will be able to clearly see the direction we are moving in, and this will bring us more joy.

Along with this renewal in time, we should separate our identity from our beliefs. Otherwise, when we experience a major change in our worldview, our identity is going to shatter simply because we find out we were wrong. We develop a system of values instead. This will allow us to change our beliefs while staying true to our values. In this case, being wrong won’t cause an identity crisis”

The Art of Conflicting

Since we can’t avoid conflicts, we need to learn how to manage them. Here, I am explaining two types of conflicts:
  1. Task conflicts : It occur when members of a specific team decide who should tackle a problem, what should be done and how, etc. This type of conflict is constructive because it prompts the seeking of creative solutions.

  2. Relationship conflicts : These occur between people. Often these conflicts are detrimental because they impact interpersonal relationships negatively. However, if the parties to an argument show respect for one another, they may end up with a higher degree of compassion and cooperation.

Our society tends to regard pliability, or a tendency to avoid conflicts, as a positive trait. I believe that people who are not afraid to show disagreement with his opinions actually push him forward. We help them to evaluate their abilities and find ways of improvement.

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